Mold can lurk all over the bathroom: A young mom in the US has now seen how dangerous they are. Their warning is spreading quickly across the web – and it’s very clear.

Squeaky ducks as yellow danger? On the social network Facebook, a message from a young mother from the US goes viral in which she describes how her son was almost blinded by a bath toy. At first the doctors suspected normal inflammation, only later did they discover that the child had bacteria in the eye. The trigger: Apparently mold in a commercial rubber duck.

Eden Strong is a journalist and writer based in South Holland, a city in Illinois. About a week ago, she described her son’s dramatic eye infection in a Facebook post that has now been shared nearly 180,000 times. Strong reports there how her babysitter noticed an eye irritation in the child after bathing. The son splashed water in his eye with a bath toy, so the suspicion.

Eye suddenly turns “pink”

Since she regularly cleans the bath toy, the young mother didn’t think much about it, but when the eye didn’t get better during the day, but eventually turned almost “pink”, she went to the doctor. This was based on common inflammation and prescription eye drops – apparently a fatal misjudgment.

“I didn’t expect to find him in his bed with an eye twice the size of the night before,” Strong said of the horror the next morning when she got to her son. They immediately drove to the emergency room. They found a bacterial infection in the eye caused by mold from the bath toys, Strong said. The doctors immediately prescribed antibiotics because even the little one’s eyesight would have been endangered.

In the meantime, the boy is making amends. And Strong posted the story, including photos, on Facebook as a warning to other moms with an urgent call: “Throw out the bath toy! You can’t clean it properly.”

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