Liverpool (AP) – Jürgen Klopp must be upset. “Did I hear that right, Mr. Keane said we had a shoddy performance tonight?” Asked the Liverpool FC coach at Sky Sports in the direction of expert Roy Keane.

The 49-year-old former Manchester United icon then made it clear that he only meant a few moments in the Reds’ 3-1 game over Arsenal on Monday night at Anfield Road. “Maybe he’s talking about another game, it can’t be this one. Sorry,” Klopp said.

The success over the Gunners was the England football champions’ third win in the third game of the new season. Only because of the goal difference, Liverpool is only in second place behind former champions Leicester City.

“Nothing was untidy, nothing at all,” Klopp growled further. “That’s an incredible description of the game, it was extraordinary.” Klopp’s team was initially behind by a goal from Alexandre Lacazette (25th minute). With a one-two punch, Sadio Mané (28th) and Andrew Robertson (34th) turned things around shortly afterwards. The third goal for Liverpool came two minutes before time with new addition Diogo Jotto.

Klopp stressed that his team was dominant from the start against a team that was 100 percent in shape. “You really have to be careful and you shouldn’t be hit by a counterattack.” He loved every second, said Liverpool’s 53-year-old German coach, who will meet Arsenal again in the League Cup on October 1.

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