Tear four security alerts or maximum lockdowns have been issued in areas of the UK where coronoviruses have spread, including the capital London. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced a two-week lockdown to prevent the spread of infection during the Christmas season. The decision of the lockdown will be reviewed on 30 December. He made the announcement at a press conference in London at 4:30 pm on Saturday.

With the arrival of Christmas, the death toll from Corona due to torrential rains is increasing rapidly, leading to a rush of people everywhere, including shopping centers. Hospital beds are almost full of corona patients. Many hospitals have stopped providing medical services in such situations.

According to an announcement by the British Prime Minister, the lockdown will take effect from Sunday (20 December) in London, the South East and the East of England. All shops in these areas will remain closed except for the sale of daily necessities. Residents of the lockdown area have been instructed by the government not to leave their homes unless absolutely necessary. A travel alert has also been issued in Tier Four areas.

At the press conference, the British Prime Minister said, “We will not be celebrating Christmas this time as we had planned.”

The condition of Corona in Britain has worsened over the past week. Meanwhile, a new strain of coronovirus with various symptoms has been identified in the country. The number of new corona cases in Britain was 26,508 on Friday, but decreased to 26,052 on Saturday.

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