There have been protests in London against new restrictions imposed by the British government to stop the spread of coronovirus. During this, there were police clashes with protesters. Police started throwing water bottles and poles to control Trafalagara Square, thousands of protesters gathered in the crowd. At least three protesters and four police officers were injured. This information has been known from the British media BBC report.

There has recently been an increased risk of second-stage corona infection in the UK. The country’s government has imposed new restrictions to prevent this. However, many citizens of the country are not willing to follow those rules. Last week, several thousand people attended the rally titled ‘We do not agree’. 32 people were arrested from there.

Thousands gathered in central London on Saturday to protest the government’s new rules. However, very few of them wore masks. The London Metropolitan Police say protests in Trafalgar Square have been halted as participants have not followed the physical distance rules and will be issued with a careful fine.

The sound surge of equipment, as well as the withdrawal of police, resorted to baton charge on protesters. Many people were seen injured. Many people have also been arrested in handcuffs. Police say most of the protesters have moved out of Trafalgar Square, but some have taken over the situation in Hyde Park. However, the police warn them that if they stay there, they will be forcibly removed.

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