Stuttgart (AP) – Joachim Löw quickly overcame the disappointment about the equalizer in the last second of the Spaniards. After the 1: 1 in the corona ghost match of the ex-world champions, other things were much more important for the national coach than the annoying result.

“ All in all I have to say that some were on vacation, some new, the team has never played like this, we have done well, ” said Löw, who praised his national football team for their first appearance after a forced hiatus from months at the beginning of the Nations. League.

Low is much more concerned about the tightly timed playing calendar and the high load until the EM in the summer of 2021. He saw alarming evidence for his permanent warning after the season opener in Stuttgart. “We have to be careful: the health of the players is paramount,” said Löw, admitting: “Some are really exhausted.”

In the next Nations League game on Sunday in Switzerland, Low wants to shift his starting eleven to a few positions to distribute the loads. “Logically we will bring some new energy to Switzerland”, announced the national coach for the second game of the new season in Basel. Low sees no chance to recruit his team tactically. “It was an intensive match. We won’t be able to train that much in the coming days. We’ll recover.”

Loew expressed his great displeasure that the European Football Association UEFA does not allow five instead of three changes as in other competitions such as the Champions League. “Right now, now, it would have been necessary because the players now have the mammoth program and it would have made sense because some were really running on the gum,” Low said energetically.

The fitness of his players through a merciless rhythm is the theme for Löw. “If there are problems, the quality of football suffers. And you shouldn’t deal with that for years. That’s why I’m extremely sensitive when you know what kind of program is coming up. If you’re not careful, we will have problems in April and May. I’m trying to prevent that, ”said the 60-year-old.

The Spaniards had equalized Timo Werner’s lead in Stuttgart via Luis José Gayà in the sixth minute of injury time. “It was a matter of strength and concentration,” said Löw, given the training level of his national team.

Low gave the all-clear to Leroy Sané, his key witness for the development that was perceived as dangerous. The new addition to FC Bayern first played for Germany after a 15-month international hiatus due to a torn cruciate ligament and the Corona crisis, but had to leave the field after about an hour.

“Leroy had cramps. You have to see where he comes from. He’s barely played a game in the last four or five months. It was clear his strength was diminishing,” said Loew, “I told him to report. Although he would still have been good on the opposition, we had to switch before we risked injury. You have to be careful with him. “

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