Leipzig (AP) – Joachim Löw sees a lot of work ahead of the European Football Championship next summer.

“We are on the right track. But we still have a long way to go if we want to be a serious competitor for everyone again at the European Championship”, the national coach said in an interview with the “Sportbuzzer”. “Don’t forget that we were down at the end of 2018 and how long it took for other countries to get out of a valley,” said the 60-year-old before the three-pack against the Czech Republic, Ukraine and Spain at the end of the difficult international year. 2020.

England, Spain, Italy or the Netherlands would have taken four to eight years for their unrest. In comparison, the national team has “already taken a very big step” two years after the World Cup disaster in Russia. Despite recent criticism of the defensive behavior and nine goals conceded in five games, Löw sees the development as positive. “That gives me confidence, because we’ve already shown very good approaches to the way we want to play. Our players deserve our faith in them. And we do. Without ifs, ors or buts,” said Loew.

After four draws in five games in the difficult Corona year, Löw hopes for a satisfying end in terms of result. However, setbacks are always possible with the young team. “Sure, victories would be important now. Of course we still make a lot of mistakes. Making mistakes is important to learn the right lessons. In addition to our established pillars like Manuel Neuer or Toni Kroos, we have hungry young players with huge potential.” Loew said.

After the test against the Czech Republic on November 11 and the close in the Nations League on the 14th of the month in Leipzig, as well as the match in Seville against Spain, the DFB-Elf will enter a winter break of four months. The next international matches are not scheduled again until the end of March, when the World Cup qualification starts with another three-pack. In the EM, postponed for a year due to the corona pandemic, the Löw selection will hit France, Portugal and Hungary or Iceland in Munich in June.

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