Maddie Case: Investigators hope for a breakthrough

In the Maddie case, police launched a new witness call three months ago. Investigators now hope for a breakthrough: a sex offender is suspected of murder.

Three months after the new call to testify in the Maddie case, investigators continue to hope for conclusive evidence against a 43-year-old suspect. “According to the available knowledge, we assume the murder of the girl by the suspect,” says Hans Christian Wolters of the Braunschweig prosecutor’s office at the German news agency. The purpose of the investigation is currently to substantiate the suspicion.

In early June, the Federal Criminal Investigation Department (BKA) and the public prosecutor of Braunschweig announced that they were investigating a 43-year-old German on suspicion of murder. It is a sex offender with multiple criminal records. The man is said to have kidnapped three-year-old Madeleine McCann in 2007 from a holiday resort in the Portuguese Algarve. The researchers assume that the child is dead.

The man is currently detained in Kiel for drug trafficking. An application for early release from prison also recently concerned the Federal Court of Justice. In addition, a judgment from the European Court of Justice is expected, because the 43-year-old is calling for a Braunschweig judgment to be set aside. According to his lawyer, the suspect has not commented on the charges of kidnapping and murder of Maddie.

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