Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has said that his son Spanish M. The Russian-made Corona vaccine will participate in the vaccine trial. Maduro announced this on Sunday. As reported by the news agency AFP, President Maduro’s sister is volunteering for a Russian ticker test in Venezuela.

Russia has vaccinated Venezuela with the first batch of Corona. The vaccine arrived in Venezuela last Friday (2 October). The Maduro government said that about 2,000 citizens of their country would participate in the clinical trial of the vaccine. “My son Nicola Ernesto Maduro Guerra has informed me that he will take part in the trial of the Russian ticker,” President Maduro said. I think it is a good decision. “

Nicolas Ernesto Maduro Guerra, 30, is also involved in politics. He is a member of his father’s ruling United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV).

Last August, Russia approved its first coroner vaccine. There is concern in the international community about the vaccination of very few people. However, Russia claims that the effectiveness and safety of their vaccines have been proven. President Maduro has thanked Russian President Vladimir Putin for providing the vaccine to Venezuela. Putin is known as his close ally.

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