2nd competition

Felix Magath, head quarterback in the football division of Kickers’ main sponsor, is following a training session under their new trainer Trares. Photo: Daniel Karmann / dpa. (Source: dpa)

Würzburg (dpa) – Felix Magath has defended the coach divorce at the Würzburger Kickers. The second division team has had its third coach since the end of September.

“You should know: Michael Schiele was here three years earlier. That is an extraordinarily long time. The second choice of coach – yes, it went wrong. Small clubs like Würzburg, who have to make an unexpected promotion in the Corona crisis, have it is particularly difficult, “said 67-year-old” Bild “. As the soccer boss of the Würzburg sponsor (Flyeralarm), Magath is responsible for the decisions.

The day before, after just 41 days, the Würzburg team broke up with Marco Antwerp, who had only replaced Schiele at the end of September. The newcomer’s new coach is Bernhard Trares, who was signed with the Lower Franks until June 30, 2022. The 55-year-old must lead the bottom of the table to stay in class. For Magath, who has won many titles as a player and coach, putting himself back on the bench was not an option: “That was and is not a problem. We now have the right one.”

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