Making fun of and anger after ignoring the corona rules

Football fans have been hoping for live games for months. Finally, the DFB Cup was kicked out again in front of the public at the weekend, in Rostock and Magdeburg even for thousands of fans. Was the dress rehearsal a success before the Bundesliga got underway?

Photo series with 30 photos

The first matches in the DFB Cup have been played. But before Borussia Dortmund has to play against Duisburg on Monday (today at 8.45 pm in the Chillreport live ticker), football Germany talks about singing fans without distance and masks.

In Magdeburg, fans of Chemnitz and Rostock were allowed to enter the stadium. In the Ostseestadion even up to 7,500. However, spectators are only allowed if they follow the respective hygiene and distance rules of the clubs in the blocks. The behavior of the followers is now discussed. Because: for example in the TV images from Rostock it was clear that fans did not keep their distance and did not wear masks. Moreover, the fans sang the club hymns loudly.

“I feel sick when I see the photos”

This is already causing a lot of problems on Twitter. One user wrote: “I love the fans in the stadium. But this one? Stand close to each other, usually no masks, sing and shout out their hearts. That must be this fantastic hygiene concept, everyone talk.”

Another user writes: “I feel sick when I see the photos from Magdeburg. It’s not our game.” She also uses the hashtag #distance.

Squeeze everyone in a row of blocks?

Prime Minister Manuela Schwesig (SPD) of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania praised the Rostock concept as “a big step in Corona times”.

In fact, it didn’t look like a distance on the TV images. On her camera pan, which she posted on Twitter, you can see that there were still some places available that could have been used.

Even if the fans were checked before admission, another social media user scoffed: “5,000 people are allowed to enter the stadium in the DFB Cup between Magdeburg and Darmstadt. All well and good. But that everyone is squeezed in a row … Who came up with that? “

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