Man climbs onto scaffolding for selfie photo and crashes

Up to the height of the roof, a man climbed the Cathedral of Regensburg on scaffolding. Apparently, the alcoholic 28-year-old wanted to take a picture. But then he crashed.

A 28-year-old man climbed and crashed for a selfie on a jetty in Regensburg’s St. Peter’s Cathedral. The man called for help, a police spokesman said Saturday. Passers-by alerted the emergency services on Saturday night. Firefighters found the man about 50 metres above sea level on a scaffolding platform near a crash site.

According to police, the man fell five feet deep. He would have been alcoholic. The 28-year-old suffered minor injuries in the fall and was transported to a hospital. The selfies were found on his phone, according to officials.

Scaffolding built for renovation of a tower

Regensburg Cathedral is often fenced by scaffolding, a police spokesman said on Saturday. Every year there are people who have climbed on the scaffolding of the cathedral.

The cathedral’s towers are currently being renovated. The 28-year-old reportedly reached the height of the church roof, only the 105-metre high church towers are higher. He must consider several charges, including breach of the peace of mind.

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