A 24-year-old took a baby from a clinic in Trier. Police followed the suspect until he got on a bus. The young man resisted.

A man took a baby from a hospital in Trier for reasons that were initially unclear and was overwhelmed by police during his flight. During the arrest, the officers used a taser, a remote pulse electrical device. The suspect offered a lot of resistance and wounded two police officers, the security forces in Trier reported.

Child back to the mother

In the morning, police had first reached an emergency call in which a witness had reported the illegal removal of a baby from the hospital. The witness chased the man carrying the baby in his arms and got on a bus. However, the vehicle did not move. An arriving patrol disembarked 20 to 30 passengers and engaged the man in a “de-escalating conversation”.

The mother was finally able to take the child out of the suspect’s arms. Then there was the arrest that the man resisted. According to the police, it is a 24-year-old man who was born in Trier and lives there. The police are investigating his motives. According to the findings, the child and the mother are doing well.

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