In the town of Apolda in central Thuringia, a 38-year-old kept explosives in his furnace. Police followed up a reference to this highly explosive substance with sniffer dogs.

A 38-year-old has stored explosives in his apartment, triggering a large-scale operation in Apolda in Thuringia. Special forces recovered the highly explosive material in the man’s oven Monday and then destroyed it, as a police spokeswoman announced Tuesday.

Officials had previously been informed that the 38-year-old’s apartment would contain dangerous explosives. Special forces and a sniffer dog searched the apartment and found the material in the oven. The apartment building, which also housed the 38-year-old’s apartment, was subsequently evacuated. The explosives could then be destroyed outdoors in a controlled manner. The man was in a mental institution at the time of the assignment.

Officials were unable to provide background information. According to the initial findings, the 38-year-old would have made the explosives himself. The MDR has previously reported on the incident.

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