The calendar with Corona crisis games is full. There is hardly a break, especially for the top stars. One English week follows another. Kevin de Bruyne therefore sends words of warning to the leagues and associations.

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If Kevin de Bruyne kept a diary, he would have a lot to write now. Because the 29-year-old has been tiring weeks and months of waiting. In the calendar year 2020 alone, the Belgian has no fewer than 24 league matches ahead of the remaining 82 days. Five for the national team, 19 with his club. The midfield strategist doesn’t have a single week ahead of him “alone” on weekends. There is also no break on weekdays. This is due to the corona crisis, which delayed the start of the season.

Two years without a break

Sure, club coach Pep Guardiola does not have to set up de Bruyne every game and national coach Roberto Martinez also has good alternatives, but he is the star in both teams and is therefore almost indispensable, especially in the important games. A burden that is hardly reasonable in modern football. Because in addition to the games, there are also trips that prevent ideal regeneration.

“I sometimes worry”, said De Bruyne at the press conference of the Belgian national team before the match against England. “I had eight or more days off in the summer (after the Champions League, editor’s note). I couldn’t go on vacation because my wife was very pregnant. If I keep this workload up to the end of the season, I have two played for years without really having a break. But it is above all mentally necessary. “

“I see a wave of injuries coming”

Cautionary words, which are mainly aimed at the associations: “Nobody listens to the players. Everyone just says: you make a lot of money, you have to deal with it. That’s how it goes. I can’t handle these comments.”

The unions and especially clubs would soon feel the consequences, says De Bruyne: “I see a wave of injuries coming – for many players. I can see it myself. I always give 100 percent, I cannot give 80 percent.”

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