The Welsh coach is accused of assault. His advisor confirmed this. Giggs’s employer has already responded and canceled his upcoming appointments.

According to British media reports, Ryan Giggs, Welsh national coach and icon of England’s record-breaking champion Manchester United, has been arrested on charges of sexual assault. According to The Sun newspaper, police questioned the 46-year-old after an incident at his home late Sunday.

A statement from his adviser said Giggs is working with the police and will assist them in their ongoing investigations. In addition, however, he dismisses all allegations of bodily harm against him. A quoted statement from Manchester Police said that a woman sustained minor injuries but did not require treatment.

A press conference with Giggs over the initially scheduled squad announcement for Tuesday was canceled, the Welsh FAW only announced that it had been informed of an “alleged incident related to national team manager Ryan Giggs”.

Giggs has been a 13-time English champion and two-time Champions League winner at Manchester United. With 928 competitive appearances between 1991 and 2014, he is the record player of the “Red Devils”. He has been Team Manager for Wales since January 2018. Between 1991 and 2007, the offensive player capped 64 times for the Welsh squad.

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