Several students are suspected of missing after an armed attack on a secondary school in the northwestern province of Katsina, Nigeria. Police and two locals told the British news agency Reuters that several people had gone missing since the Friday night attack. They think they have been kidnapped.

The gunmen attacked a government science secondary school in Kankra district around 9:30 pm local time on Friday. Several students withdrew to the police in resistance, a police spokesman said in a statement Gyambo Issa was able to escape.

Police said they were working with the Army and Air Force to determine and search the number of missing and abducted students. He claimed that several officers were shot and injured in retaliatory fire with gunmen.

The school had more than 800 students at the time of the attack. About half of the students are missing after the attack. When anxious parents and security officials arrived at the scene on Saturday morning, chaos erupted.

Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari’s home is in the state of Katsina. Kidnappings are regularly held in the province for ransom. Attacks by Islamist extremists are also common in the northeast of the country.

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