Pope Francis, the supreme cleric of Catholic Christians, remembered football legend and follower of his religion Diego Maradona with great fervor and affection. The Vatican said on Wednesday (27 November) that Argentina had prayed for the football star. And the Vatican officials’ media, the Holy See media, has called him a ‘poet of football’.Pope and Maradona meet in 2014 with

Diego Maradona, the hero of the 1986 World Cup victory, recently died of a heart attack at his home in Argentina after brain surgery. He had cordial relations with Pope Francis. Maradona has met Francis at the Vatican several times since he was elected the first pope from Latin America in 2013.

Vatican spokesman Matteo Bruni said: “The Pope has been reported to have died of Diego Maradona. He has passionately and enthusiastically recalled the way he met him over the years.

Pope Francis is a lifelong supporter of the Buenos Aires San Lorenzo football team, for which Maradona has played for a long time. A news website run by Vatican officials published a news page about Maradona’s death. He has been called the ‘Poet of Football’ in the headline of that news. The report called Maradona “an outstanding player but a mortal man”.

Diego Maradona has visited Rome several times to participate in fundraising games. The money collected from the Games, called Match for Peace, went to the Pope’s charity. The funds were used to expand education in developing countries and to help victims of the devastating earthquake that struck Central Italy in 2016.

Maradona told Vatican radio before the match, “I think we all feel something in our hearts when we see war or death.” I believe that this game will put an end to the notion that we football players do nothing for peace… a football that is worth more than a hundred rifles. “

Diego Maradona also presented a signed jersey to Pope Francis. In Spanish, he wrote, “For all my love and for greater peace in the world, for Pope Francis.”

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