They are seen as competitors for the next Chancellor. Now Markus Söder should talk about NRW Prime Minister Laschet when presenting a book. The work does not make sense.

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The Prime Minister of Bavaria, Markus Söder (CSU), will present the biography of NRW Prime Minister Armin Laschet (CDU) next Wednesday in Berlin. As the head of the publishing house Klartext in Essen, Claus-Dieter Grabner, told the German news agency on Wednesday, Söder had been asked – and he had agreed. The “Bild-Zeitung” had reported earlier. Söder is – like Laschet – a candidate for the Union’s candidacy for chancellor.

According to Grabner, Jörg Quoos, editor-in-chief of Funke’s Berlin central editorial team, will sit on stage with Söder and ask him a few questions. Laschet is not expected. The biography “Der Machtmenschliche” by journalists Tobias Blasius Funke-Mediengruppe) and Moritz Küpper (Deutschlandradio) comprises 350 pages. Through more than 60 conversations with Laschet’s companions and from their own observation, they follow Laschet’s life and work.

Laschet comes across as sympathetic in the book, but the authors also unceasingly reveal errors – and often reach unflattering conclusions. “Yes, he wants to go to the top, but he probably doesn’t have to”, Blasius and Küppers summarize after 350 pages – leaving the reader the answer to the question: “Is that enough?”

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