Mass protest against Lukashenko – many arrests in Minsk

On the 66th birthday of ruler Lukashenko, tens of thousands of people took to the streets in Belarus. In Minsk in particular, the regime was tough on demonstrators.

Many people were arrested on Sunday at another large-scale demonstration in Belarus. In Minsk, police repeatedly acted against peaceful protesters, a reporter from the German news agency reported from the capital. Videos and photos also showed how the men in uniform mainly took men away. There were only a few women. There were screams. Protesters shouted “shame” to the police.

Men in uniform tried to push the people back in the center with all-terrain vehicles with high metal grilles on the front bumper. Photos showed women lying in the street in front of the vehicles.

Scenes from central Minsk on Sunday: Police used such special vehicles to push protesters out of the city center. (Source: AP / dpa)

The police were on site with a large contingent and water cannons were also used. Due to the closure of Independence Square in the center of Minsk, this time the protests were spread over various locations in the city center. Men in uniform surrounded the civilians again and again.

Protests on the dictator’s birthday

Tens of thousands of people took part in the protest in Minsk – on the 66th birthday of the authoritarian head of state Alexander Lukashenko. It was initially unclear how many people were arrested. In the early afternoon, reports from independent media initially spoke of more than 30. According to a video, plainclothes security forces and protesters had a scuffle in front of the KGB Secret Service building when police apparently tried to arbitrarily arrest people.

The Interior Ministry warned civilians not to participate in the unauthorized demonstration – and threatened violence. Many said they were peaceful and unafraid. The democracy movement had called for protest. On his birthday, Lukashenko should see that the people against him and his time in power had passed after 26 years, he said. There were also campaigns in other cities in the country, including Brest and Grodno.

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