Master Young Boys Bern chases his own record series

1st league of Switzerland

Bern (dpa) – One day before the end of the season, the Young Boys Bern have won their third consecutive title in the Swiss football championship and now want to break their record of four consecutive titles.

With a 1-0 win at FC Sion on the penultimate day, they left pursuers FC St. Gallen, who won 6-0 at Neuchatel Xamax, without a chance to win the title.

“We were rewarded for a strange and turbulent season,” said team captain Fabian Lustenberger, who had played for Hertha BSC in the Bundesliga and 2nd Division for twelve years and returned to his home country last summer. “The break in Corona was certainly not a disadvantage for us, because in the end we were able to change and turn a lot thanks to the good team.”

Lustenberger is one of Bern’s main players as a central defender. With only 40 goals scored, the Young Boys are the second best defense in the Super League behind third-placed FC Basel (38). “I tried to help the team with performance,” said the 32-year-old professional.

The third championship win in a row was more difficult for the team of coach Gerardo Seoane than in previous years. In the previous season, she reached 91 points in the final accounts and was 20 points ahead of FC Basel. In the 2017/18 season, it was 84 points after 36 playing days with a 15-point lead over Basel. This time, YB Bern is one point ahead of Ultimo with 73 points, just five points ahead of St. Gallen.

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