The Darts World Cup is currently being held at the “Ally Pally” in London. There are three Germans – “The German Giant”, the “Maximiser” and a younger one. What makes the pitcher? The Chillreport overview.

As usual, England is the venue for the big highlight between the years: the Darts World Cup. On December 15, the specialists will compete against each other in London – including three German professionals. Gabriel Clemens, Max Hopp and Nico Kurz have already qualified safely.

And usually always with them: the loyal followers of the dart professionals. Whether it’s an army disguised as a stormtrooper, parrots like in the tropical rainforest or Elvis Presley’s musician colleagues from KISS – the fans with their creative costumes and the incomparable atmosphere are indispensable. But this year, the stars can only count on a smaller incentive on the first night: only a third of the remaining number of fans can cheer. The following days take place in front of empty stands. You can read more about it here.

Photo series with 10 photos

Two years ago everything was normal. The darts fans dressed up as actors from the “House of Money” series and watched the 2019 World Cup with great interest. (Source: Jan Hübner / imago images)

In the ancient Alexandra Palace, or “Ally Pally” for short, the German stars will compete against the best darts players in the world and the fans around them. Chillreport watches the trio for the spectacle.

Gabriel Clemens aka “The German Giant”

37-year-old Gabriel Clemens has been throwing arrows since 2001 and has been a professional player since February 2019. The trained industrial mechanic has made his way to 31st place in the PDC (Profidart Organization, editor’s note) and is currently the best German darts player.

“The German Giant” starts in the “Ally Pally” for the first time as a seeded player. (Source: osnapix / image images)

His nickname is “The German Giant” (translated: German Giant, editor’s note), which he received from his fans after his success as German Champion in 2016 and European Champion in 2017. The right-hander qualified through the world rankings and started for first as seeded player in the 2021 World Cup.

The Saarlander only overtook his World Cup opponent Hopp in the world rankings at the end of October. In an interview with “Sportbuzzer”, he revealed that the two get along well: “There is no real competition, we support each other’s successes.”

He was also very positive about newcomer Nico Kurz: “I am very happy for him that he can play on the big stage.”

The “Maximiser” Max Hopp

Just like Max Hopp. By the age of 24, he had already competed in six world championships and qualified for this year’s highlight via the Pro Tour Order of Merit (rankings as the basis for qualifying for major tournaments, editor’s note). Hopp is the second youngest World Cup participant of all time.

Max Hopp (r.): The German professional poses with world star Peter Wright. (Source: image images / Revierfoto)Max Hopp (r.): The German professional poses with world star Peter Wright. (Source: Review photo / image images)

In 2018 Hopp won the championship in Dublin and became the winner of the German Darts Open. He is currently ranked 39th in the PDC. “We want to make it as difficult as possible for the top executives,” said the trained wholesale and foreign trade employee about “Sport 1”.

Nico Kurz, the younger

The young hope of Germany, Nico Kurz, grew up in a darts family and found it to be turned over after some time. “For a long time I wasn’t really interested in darts, I just always wanted to go out and play,” said the Hessen resident in an interview with “Spox”. He continued: “I am still a big Eintracht fan today and go to home games as often as possible.”

Just as some soccer players don’t wash their socks out of superstition, Kurz also has a little bit: “I have to wear a watch on my left wrist, otherwise I can’t play.” As long as the youngster wears a wristwatch, he is well prepared for the 2021 World Cup. Apart from that, the professional relies on his greatest strength: his looseness.

Nico Kurz is well prepared with his watch on his left wrist. The right-handed start in the first round against Andy Hamilton. (Source: image images / Jan Hübner)Nico Kurz is well prepared with his watch on his left wrist. The right-handed start in the first round against Andy Hamilton. (Source: Jan Hübner / image images)

Nico Kurz is the youngest German among the stars. The 23-year-old started playing darts in 2014. He is now ranked 129th in the world rankings and qualified for the 2021 tournament by winning the Super League Darts (annual competition).

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