London Mayor Sadiq Khan has announced the cancellation of an international conference to be held in Saudi Arabia. He decided to boycott the conference due to concerns about the human rights situation in Saudi Arabia. He also refused to appear and sent a representative. The UK news outlet BBC told this news in a report.

October 2 was the last day of the conference titled ‘Urban 20 Summit’, which began on 30 September. According to the decision, the Mayor of London boycotted the entire conference. Earlier, the mayors of New York and Los Angeles also avoided participating in Saudi Arabia due to concerns over the human rights situation.

The Mayor of London will send at least one delegation to the conference, even if he is not present; Despite such rumors, it did not materialize in the end. They have taken such a decision mainly under pressure from human rights organizations.

Concerns of the international community about the state of human rights in Saudi Arabia are not new. In 2019, 29 European Union countries sharply criticized Saudi Arabia for human rights abuses. He demanded the punishment of those involved in the ruthless killing of renowned journalist Jamal Khashogi. He was assassinated on the orders of Prince Mohammed bin Salman, apparently known as MBS.

A joint statement from the 29-nation European Union (EU) stated: “We are deeply concerned about the incidents of torture, arbitrary detention, disappearance and additional espionage in Saudi Arabia.” International human rights organizations are also vocal on these issues. Sadiq Khan boycotted the conference mainly under his pressure. Saf said he would not send an officer to Saudi Arabia as a representative. Because, he does not want any questions to be raised about his commitment to human rights. Source: Middle East Monitor

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