John McPhee, the head of a well-known anti-virus software company, was arrested in Spain on Monday. He has been charged in a tax evasion case and may be assigned to the United States for trial.

Prosecutors say they have not filed tax returns for four years. He worked as an advisor to publish his biography, lectured, traded cryptocurrency and sold millions of dollars in copyrights.

However, these revenues have nothing to do with the McAfee antivirus software company created under its own name.

The US Department of Justice said in a statement that McAfee deposited his income into various accounts of other people whom he had nominated. From 2014 to 2016, they did not submit tax payment documents. They are also accused of hiding properties on pleasure boats and homes and land.

John McAfee did not comment on the allegations. If convicted, they can face up to 30 years in prison.

Controversial person

McAfee is known as a controversial figure in the tech world. He caught everyone’s attention in the 1980s. He then released the first commercial antivirus software called McAfee VirusScan. It later became a multi-billion dollar industry.

However, McAfee later sold the business to Intel. However, he is still making various cyber-security products on his own initiative. He himself has expressed his displeasure at paying taxes repeatedly. According to him, the talk of tax is illegal.

Odd activities

McAfee’s various activities have been described many times. He fled in the Central American country of Belize in 2012 after shooting and killing his neighbor. But he told the BBC that he had nothing to do with the death.

His published video footage shows the young girl’s friends touching the bare body of a tattoo. He was once arrested for some time in the Dominican Republic – for bringing weapons into the country.

In 2016 and 2020, McAfee unsuccessfully tried to run from the Libertarian Party for the US presidency.

Some people think he is a deranged mentality. One journalist – who has interviewed him several times – described McAfee as lying, cheating and using the situation to his advantage.

McAfee himself admits that he has been called a ‘skeptic, schizophrenic and a wild child of Silicon Valley’. But according to him, he is really an entrepreneur, curious and loves to solve problems.

McAfee was born in the United Kingdom. His mother was English and his father was an American soldier in Britain during World War II. Her father later became alcohol-addicted and abusive and shot himself and committed suicide.

McAfee was then 15 years old. He himself became addicted to alcohol and drugs while studying at university. He was good at studies, but his PhD was canceled due to unethical sex with another student.

He later worked for several large technology companies. intoxicated. He said that Basra of some institutions also used drugs. In some companies, the drugs were taken openly during lunch.

He first became familiar with computer viruses while working for the Lockheed Martin Company. Find a way to de-virus the computer. He started his own company. He later sold the company to Intel for $ 800 million. Although his company sells antivirus software, McAfee said he has never used his product.

“I’ve always attacked, but I don’t use any software protection,” he said. I change my IP address all the time. I do not give my name on any device and I do not visit any site where the virus can enter. I do Secure Computing. If someone e-mails me, they call me and I don’t know if he e-mailed me – I don’t open that e-mail first.

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