While Donald Trump may be reluctant to defeat, a key ally among the Republicans also publicly acknowledges that his time in the White House is nearing the end. More could follow.

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After weeks of reluctance, the leading Republican in the US Senate has acknowledged Joe Biden’s election victory over Donald Trump. “The electoral council has spoken. So today I want to congratulate President-elect Joe Biden,” Mitch McConnell, considered a close confidant of Trump, said in the Senate Tuesday.

After election officials confirmed his victory on Monday, Biden warned the US should end the election. “Now is the time to start a new chapter.” In his speech in Wilmington, Biden called on Trump to admit defeat and condemned his attacks on the election as “unscrupulous.”

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McConnell’s recognition of Biden’s victory doesn’t come until six weeks after the presidential election. However, it is still a bitter blow for Trump to pull off his baseless allegations of election fraud. McConnell left no doubts about the legitimacy of the election results. Trump, on the other hand, insisted on Tuesday that he had been taken away from victory due to massive irregularities.

McConnell’s voice carries a lot of weight

“Many millions of us had hoped that the presidential election would produce a different outcome,” McConnell said. The country now officially has an elected president, Biden, and an elected vice president, Kamala Harris. “The president-elect is no stranger to the Senate,” McConnell said. McConnell turned to Harris and said that regardless of their differences, Americans could be proud of the fact that for the first time a woman was elected vice president.

McConnell’s voice carries a lot of weight – his comments could encourage other Republicans to follow suit with congratulations. The rifts between Republicans and Democrats are deep, and Biden has promised the country will be one. He may have no choice but to approach the Republicans to rule. In a second election for two seats in the US Senate, it will be decided in early January which of the two parties will take control of the powerful Chamber of Parliament.

In normal election years, voting by voters is a formality

In the 50 US states and Washington’s main district, 538 voters voted on behalf of the people for the future president on Monday. Americans indirectly elect their president. In the vast majority of states, the candidate who received the majority of the popular vote on election day gets all the votes from the local voters. In normal election years, the election vote is a formality, as the losing candidate usually admits defeat on election night.

Biden received as many electoral votes as Trump on his surprise success four years ago. At the time he had spoken of an “overwhelming victory”. “By his own standards, those numbers represented a clear win at the time and I respectfully propose that they do now,” said Biden. As expected, Biden got the votes of 306 voters, 36 more than is necessary for the victory. 232 voters voted for Trump.

The otherwise loyal justice minister contradicted the president

Following the electorate’s decision, Russian President Vladimir Putin, Poland’s head of state Andrzej Duda and Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador also congratulated future US President Biden. Unlike many other heads of state or government, they had waited a long time. Putin wrote that Russia and the US, regardless of their differences, could together help solve many questions and challenges in the world.

While the election vote was still underway, Trump announced on Twitter on Monday that Attorney General William Barr had resigned. The letter of resignation published by Trump states that Barr will leave on December 23. Trump had reprimanded his minister after saying he had no evidence of massive electoral fraud. In doing so, he had openly contradicted the president’s claims. Barr was previously considered a good ally.

Still no evidence of alleged electoral fraud

The final election result will be officially announced in Congress in Washington on January 6. Biden will be sworn in on January 20. On that day, Trump’s constitutional term will automatically end, even if he doesn’t admit defeat. That Biden won has been evident since November 7, when leading US media declared him the winner. The responsible US authorities stated that the choice was the safest ever in the US. Trump has announced that he will continue his legal battle.

Neither Trump, 74, nor his lawyers or supporters have provided any substantial evidence to support their allegations of electoral fraud. To date, more than 50 lawsuits have been dismissed from the Trump camp, two of them in the Supreme Court, the highest court in the United States. Trump had every avenue to dispute the outcome, and the president took advantage of all those opportunities, Biden said. More than 80 judges across the country heard arguments and dismissed them as unfounded. Re-counting would not have changed anything.

Biden was shocked by an ultimately unsuccessful trial by the Texas Attorney General in the Supreme Court, supported by Republican Justice Ministers in 17 states and 126 Republican MPs. The maneuver aimed to “wipe out” the votes of more than 20 million Americans. “It’s an extreme attitude like we’ve never seen before,” said Biden.

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