Darmstadt (dpa) – For DLV chairman Jürgen Kessing, the renewed closure of the sports facilities is a “difficult decision” due to the strong increase in corona infections, especially for the amateur sector.

Athletics, as part of overall social responsibility, could be expected to be affected by the measures against the global corona pandemic, the head of the German Athletics Federation said.

However, sport, in Germany in particular, has proven that, thanks to good hygiene concepts in top sport and popular sport, it is possible to exercise even in times of the Corona and to contribute to social cohesion. “Therefore, we must continue to convince with good implementation and hygiene concepts going forward, so that the federal government decision can be withdrawn from December,” said Kessing.

The DLV has taken on a pioneering role as part of its “postseason” and will also “provide appropriate support to its regional associations and clubs” for the upcoming indoor season and preparation for the 2021 Olympic year, he said.

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