After being closed for seven months due to the Kovid-19 situation, Mecca is being reopened on a limited scale from Sunday (October 4). From this day, worshipers will be able to perform Umrah as per strict hygiene rules. However, for now, only those living in Saudi Arabia will get this opportunity. Only 6,000 worshipers will be allowed to perform Umrah daily. This is according to a report by the French news agency AFP.

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Although Hajj is a formality at certain times of the year, people from Muslim communities around the world can perform Umrah at any time of the year. However, Mecca was closed for seven months this year due to the Corona epidemic. The formality of Haj has also been limited. Only 10,000 people have the opportunity to perform Hajj. Recently, the Saudi government announced that from October 4, Mecca would be opened in a limited scope. Umrah artists would be divided into different groups to ensure social distance.

Although 6,000 people have been allowed to perform Umrah every day since Sunday, gradually the number will be increased. From October 16, 15,000 people will have the opportunity to perform Umrah every day. A maximum of 40,000 people will be allowed to pray in the mosque.

Initially, Saudi citizens and local migrants will be allowed to umrah, but the opportunity to umrah from abroad will be available from 1 November. Then 20,000 people will get an opportunity to perform Umrah in one day. 60,000 people can offer namaz in the mosque.

According to the Saudi Interior Ministry, if the corona situation returns to normal, the Umrah will be formalized as before.

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