Media report: Schalke 04 plans higher salary threshold

According to a media report, FC Schalke 04 no longer plans to pay players more than 2.5 million euros. A step that probably also has to do with the financial problems of the traditional club.

From now on FC Schalke 04 no longer wants to conclude license contracts in which the limit of 2.5 million euros annual salary is exceeded. The Süddeutsche Zeitung reports. After the voluntary exemption from salary by many Bundesliga players during the break in Corona, there has already been talk of a general upper limit for salary in professional football. Due to the interruption of the season and the subsequent ghost games, the clubs miss important income.

Schalke has a lot of debts

This also affects FC Schalke. Recently, the miners even released the club’s bus drivers who worked for € 400.
Shortly after the game was interrupted in March, Alexander Jobst, Schalke’s head of marketing and communications, complained, “It’s about existence.” The powerful head of the board, Clemens Tönnies, also spoke out and said he was “very concerned” about Schalke. This allowed the liquidity of the heavily indebted club to be secured in the short term by continuing the season.

After 16 non-profit games and the revelations about working conditions in the meat factories of CEO Tönnies, more than 1,000 fans protested against the club leadership on Saturday.

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