Overseas journalists in London have formally called for Bangladesh to apologize for the brutal massacre carried out by the Pakistani military during the War of Liberation. The demand was made on 14 December (Monday) in a memorandum submitted to Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan on the initiative of UK-Bangla Press Club, an organization representing Bengali media persons in Britain, on the occasion of Martyr’s Intellectual Day.

Leaders of the UK-Bangla Press Club submitted the memorandum to the Pakistan High Commission in London on Monday afternoon at local time. The memorandum was received by two senior officials of the High Commission.

Leaders of the Bangla Press Club told Britain that apart from issuing a memorandum to the High Commission, a copy was also sent by e-mail and post to the Prime Minister of Pakistan. The leaders said that in an interview in 2011, Imran Khan said that he felt that Pakistan should apologize to Pakistan for the atrocities in 1971.

Leaders of the UK Bangla Press Club said that Imran Khan is now the Prime Minister of Pakistan. For that reason, a memorandum was issued reminding Bangladesh of Pakistan’s formal apology.

Advocate Biplab Kumar Poddar, Vice President of Press Club, Ahmed Chaudhary, Munaj General Secretary, Saeedul Islam, Treasurer and Tanveer Hasan were present in London while submitting the memorandum to the Pakistan High Commission.

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