Exactly a year ago the extreme right-wing attack on a synagogue in Halle. The perpetrator shot two people. Unknown people have now smeared a memorial graffiti.

On the night before the first anniversary of the right-wing terrorist attack in Halle, unknown persons smeared a memorial graffiti with a swastika for the victims. State security responsible for political crimes has launched an investigation, a police spokesman said Friday in Halle. Moreover, public order has already begun to remove the anti-constitutional graffiti. The “Bild” had previously reported on the incident.

Spray boxes as a reminder

According to an email signed with “Antifa Halle” to the media on Monday morning, anti-fascists sprayed about a hundred electrical boxes in the city on Monday evening with the slogan “Never forget – Kevin and Jana”. The authors of the letter called for more decisive measures against hatred of Jews in Germany. Anti-Semitism is still a problem for society as a whole – “be it left, right, bioduits or migrants,” the email says.

Kevin and Jana were the names of the two people who were killed by a terrorist in the attack in Halle a year ago after unsuccessfully attempting to storm a synagogue and slaughter the Jews who were praying there.

On Friday, Halle will commemorate the dead with numerous events. 28-year-old Stephan Balliet is currently on trial in the higher regional court. The German admitted the act.

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