Mercedes can use technology trick at the start of Formula 1

Spielberg (dpa) – Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas are allowed to use the technical trick in the control system of their silver arrows at the start of Formula 1 in Austria.

The race commissioners in Spielberg rejected a protest by the Red Bull team on Saturday evening against the innovation of the Mercedes team. The objection was unfounded because the so-called DAS system was part of the steering of the car and not of the suspension according to current regulations, the commissioners decided.

Mercedes had already used the two-axle steering during the test drives in February. After some hype, the world association Fia had already banned the trick for the 2021 season, but Mercedes plans to use the system this year. The world champion team is now allowed to do so.

When using DAS, the driver pulls the steering wheel in a straight line and pushes it away just before the turn. The front wheels tilt slightly inward before returning to their original position.

This toe-in adjustment is used to control the temperature of the tires. The tires usually cool down in a straight line. Thanks to the DAS system, the front wheels are easy to adjust, which increases rolling resistance. Extra friction provides warmth and warmed tires provide more grip when cornering.

During the first practice rounds in Austria, where Formula 1 started the World Cup year with a four-month delay, Hamilton and Bottas were significantly faster than their rivals. Given the ban for the next season and the uncertainty about the number of races that can be run this year, it is open whether the competition will copy the technology trick from Mercedes.

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