Russian opposition politician Alexej Navalny fought for his life in Berlin for weeks. Now it comes out: the Chancellor personally came to him at the clinic.

Chancellor Angela Merkel visited Alexej Nawalny at the Charité in Berlin – without the public noticing. The Kremlin critic confirmed this on his Twitter account. The news magazine “Spiegel” had previously reported about it. Navalny had collapsed on a domestic flight in Russia in August. The machine therefore landed in the city of Omsk, where it was also supplied. Shortly afterwards, at the insistence of his family, the 44-year-old was flown to Germany and treated at the Charité – where he was in an artificial coma for weeks.

During this time Chancellor Merkel visited Navalny in a top secret operation. The meeting was not secret, but rather private. He was very grateful to Merkel for her visit, he wrote on Twitter on Monday. “As far as I know, she follows closely and is very well informed,” Navalnys chief of staff Leonid Wolkow told RTL / NTV on Monday.

Navalny still has months to deal with

Alexei Navalny has since left the hospital. However, he will have to work for months in Germany on his further recovery. Still, doctors cannot rule out permanent damage after Novichok poisoning. The Kremlin critic had already commented on his condition several times on social networks. Most recently he had reported extensively about the poison attack on him. Read more about it here.

The case puts considerable strain on relations between Berlin and Moscow. Moscow claims Berlin does not want to cooperate with Russian researchers. According to the federal government, Navalny was “undoubtedly” poisoned with a chemical nerve agent from the Novichok group. Moscow rejects the suspicion that Russian government agencies have deliberately poisoned him.

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