Merkel supports the idea of ​​EU-led refugee camps

It’s not about numbers for the admission of refugees, it’s about a general concept, says Chancellor Merkel. It is based on a Europeanization of migration policy. But when will it come?

After the fire in the Greek refugee camp Moria, a new camp could be built under joint leadership of the EU and Greece. In recent days, there have been considerations “that such a refugee camp could be managed by the Greek authorities and possibly also by the European Union agencies,” European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said Monday after a video conference with the European Union. Chinese President Xi. Jinping.

Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) assured German support if a new shelter was set up on the island of Lesbos. Focusing only on a number of refugees that Germany should be hosting is “the wrong approach,” Merkel said, of course in view of SPD leader Saskia Esken’s demand to immediately take in a high four-digit number of refugees in Germany.

New proposal aims to resolve the blockade in the EU

A new shelter under Greek and EU administration would be a pilot project to consider. For now, sovereign rights rest with Greece, Merkel said. The Chancellor said that there had to be a treaty that would allow European trade there. “I think this is a very important step towards a stronger Europeanization of migration policy.”

Von der Leyen added that it was important that “such a pilot project” was closely linked to the considerations of the migration pact, which the European Commission will present next Wednesday. For years, EU countries have been in complete disagreement about their common asylum and migration policies. The main point of contention is mainly the distribution of asylum seekers among the EU countries. The new proposal from the European Commission is intended to resolve the blockade. The EU states and the European Parliament still have to negotiate on this.

Migrants would move to an improvised camp

Meanwhile, the Greek government is urging homeless migrants on the island of Lesvos to move immediately to a new, improvised tent camp. “As of next Monday, asylum procedures will only be processed for those in the camp,” Migration Minister Notis Mitarakis said on Greek radio. According to a report by the state broadcaster ERT, the government wants to send a flyer to migrants on Lesvos to appeal to the new tent camp. So far, only 600 would have moved there.

The new tent camp can now accommodate more than 5,000 migrants, Mitarakis said. In the coming days, it should expand until all 12,000 migrants now homeless are housed. According to its own information, the German Red Cross (DRK) sent a total of four planes with large tents to Lesbos on Sunday and Monday. On Monday, numerous migrants took to the streets of Lesvos and demanded that they be taken to Western Europe.

Chancellor wants to decide on the admission of migrants

Merkel also wants to decide on the admission of more migrants from the burned down Greek refugee camp Moria by the federal cabinet meeting this Wednesday. In this regard, she is working with Federal Interior Minister Horst Seehofer (CSU), Merkel said Monday, according to participants at the CDU presidency meeting in Berlin. The federal government continues to strive for a European solution.

As Chillreport has learned from CDU circles, the majority of the party presidency has spoken out against acting alone at the national level. However, according to information from Chillreport, there was no decision on Wednesday that Germany would take in more refugees.

The chairman of the German district assembly, Reinhard Sager, spoke out against municipalities doing it alone. The admission of refugees is legally the responsibility of the federal government, he stressed in the newspapers of the Funke media group.

“This is a human tragedy”

Merkel also plans to meet with mayors from Germany who are campaigning for the reception of refugees. But there is no agreement yet, she made clear. Several participants in the CDU meeting had indicated that some cities and districts wanted to accept migrants, but that the mayor would not find housing for the asylum seekers. There are contradictions here.

According to information from participants in the newspaper “Bild”, Merkel said of the situation in Lesvos: “This is a human tragedy.” The conditions are unworthy. There is no functioning European migration policy and there are different views in the coalition. From their point of view, an important point would be a Europeanisation of the reception centers.

The situation from 2015 cannot be repeated

The SPD is calling for a national initiative to take in significantly more migrants from the burned camp Moria than planned. “We want Germany to provide a significant portion of these refugees with rapid, organized and controlled admission, protection and prospects through a federal admissions program,” said a resolution of the SPD executive committee. “Just handing out 400 unaccompanied children to different EU countries and bringing 150 of them to Germany is completely insufficient.” SPD leader Saskia Esken on Sunday evening called on ZDF to record a decision Monday to accept a high four-digit number of migrants from the Moria camp.

Participants in the CDU presidency also said Health Minister Jens Spahn had emphasized that the situation as in 2015 with the refugee crisis should not be repeated. The CDU has often decided that and said that this must now be demonstrated in concrete terms. There shouldn’t be a German solo effort. They have been waiting for the promised European solution for five years. Germany absolutely must help. But that means helping them on the ground and not taking everyone to Germany, Spahn said.

Green leader Annalena Baerbock is calling on the federal government and other EU countries to make a serious offer to Greece to take in migrants. One reason Athens does not want to bring the people of the burned Moria camp to the mainland is that promises from the past have not been kept, Baerbock said.

The AfD spoke out against accepting migrants from the island of Lesbos.

According to a survey by the Yougov opinion research institute, 47 percent of people in Germany are in favor of accepting migrants from Moria. 39 percent reject this.

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