Merz or Röttgen “doesn’t matter”

Prime Minister Reiner Haseloff, Prime Minister of Saxony-Anhalt, sees Armin Laschet in the lead in the race for the CDU lead – he said Röttgen and Merz would not be eligible.

In the battle for the post as the new CDU boss, Prime Minister Reiner Haseloff (CDU) of Saxony-Anhalt sees his North Rhine-Westphalia colleague, Armin Laschet, at an advantage over the Corona crisis. “The crisis will continue for a while,” Haseloff told the German news agency. “And those who do not have executive responsibility cannot contribute anything to the day-to-day business.” As a result, the other two applicants, former Union party leader Friedrich Merz and ex-Environment Minister Norbert Röttgen, are currently on the defensive.

CDU politician Friedrich Merz: “Those who have no executive responsibility cannot contribute anything to the day-to-day business.” (Source: Reichwein / Image Images)

“That doesn’t mean if we get back to normal waters, they won’t be questioned, they’re not ruled out,” said Haseloff, a member of the federal CDU council. “But right now it’s about operational day-to-day politics, and at the moment they don’t play a role in the public’s perception.”

“Don’t know what the challenges are yet”

CDU leader Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer announced in February that she would give up the chairmanship of the party. It is still unclear when her successor will be chosen. The CDU currently has more urgent tasks, Haseloff said. This also applies to the post of the candidate of the Union for Chancellor, for whom the Prime Minister of Bavaria Markus Söder (CDU) also acts. There is no time pressure for either question.

“We don’t even know what challenges our democracy and our social cohesion will face in the fall,” said the head of the Magdeburg Kenya coalition in the face of the pandemic. “I don’t think people would understand if we were already focusing on questions that concern the middle of next year.” Opinion-building in the Union is underway. “First of all, crisis management is the order of the day – everything on time.”

The CDU politician has clear ideas about the qualities that a candidate for chancellor should have: “A candidate for chancellor must be able to face a crisis.” He must also be able to connect and form coalitions and be well networked internationally. “No one can do all of this perfectly,” Haseloff admitted. “But as a candidate for chancellor you have to take all of this a little bit with you.”

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