A former governor of Mexico’s violence-hit western state of Jalisco has been shot and killed. Aristotle Sandaloval was shot in the bathroom of a restaurant on the popular tourist beach Puerto Vallarta on Friday. His bodyguards later tried to take him to the hospital, but the gunmen blocked the road. Shortly afterwards, he was rushed to a hospital where doctors declared him dead. This information came from the report of the British Media Guardian.

Jalisco Attorney General Gerardo Octavio Solis said Aristotles Sandoval went to dinner with four others. She got up from the table at half past one in the night and went to the bathroom. He was shot from behind. Later, his bodyguards tried to take him to the hospital, but the gunmen opened fire again and tried to block the road. A bodyguard was severely injured at the time. He was later rushed to the hospital but died there.

Aristotle Sandoval was guarded by 15 police bodyguards, but only two were present at the time of the attack. Security analyst Alejandro Hope said: “The murder was pre-planned – meaning someone had been searching for him for weeks. Maybe someone knew of his antics, and at least he knew when his bodyguards would be down .

Attorney General Gerardo Octavio Solis said restaurant staff cleaned up crime scenes, removed boxes of blood and ammunition, and even video footage of the attack. He said that no clue has been found, he had virtually cleared the place. He claimed that eight to ten suspected attackers were involved in the attack. However, he gave no indication as to who was involved in the incident.

Mexican President André Manuel López Abrador has condemned the killings and vowed to bring the killers to justice.

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