A judge in the state of Michigan has dismissed a lawsuit filed by President Donald Trump over suspension of the vote count. First District Appeal Court Judge Cynthia Stevens said it was too late to file a lawsuit. Because the countdown is just a few hours away. The British media BBC reported this.

Officials at Trump’s campaign camp argued that republican observers should be present during the count.

The judge said that the wrong officer has been made a defendant in the case. He also said that the Secretary of State did not have the legal authority to interfere in the counting process.

Earlier, Michigan officials sharply criticized a lawsuit filed by Trump Camp seeking to block the vote count. Joseline Benson, the state’s chief election officer, called the lawsuit “Trump’s son”.

In Michigan, known as Battleground State, however, Joe Biden is already capable of winning. Biden is on the verge of victory with 264 votes with 16 electoral votes.

Earlier, the Supreme Court of Nevada State rejected a petition filed by Trump and the Republican Party to block the counting of votes. The request was made to oversee the election process in an area called Clark County. However, each of the seven judges of the court has signed an order dismissing it.

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