Microsoft Last Time or Tick

Competition has begun for the American branch of the popular video sharing app TickTalk in the United States. Well-known companies like Microsoft, Walmart, Oracle were involved in this competition. However, on Sunday, Microsoft stated that Ticketcock’s parent company, Bytdance, had declined their offer to buy the app in the US business.

According to the UK-based BBC, ByteDance initially chose Oracle Corporation as the buyer. However, to sell the business, Tikkat officials will have to seek the approval of the US and Chinese governments separately. The entire process will be completed subject to government approval.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. However, according to a recent report by CNBC, a tick can cost between two thousand and three trillion dollars.

Whatever the price, the government approval process for the sale of ticks in American business will not be very smooth. This is because China has state restrictions on agreements with any US company. According to Beijing’s updated technology export list, government approval is required for exporting artificial intelligence or artificial intelligence technology. As a result, Beijing’s approach to sales appears to be a major factor.

Global business of Tiktak started in 2016. Its user base has grown very fast. Tiktak is very popular among people under 25 years of age.

Where is the risk of tickling?

The Trump administration says BiteDance, which owns the Chinese company TickTock, poses a major threat to American national security. As a result, the Trump administration threatened to shut down the company in the United States. And to avoid this, the White House has set a September deadline to sell the tick to the American company.

According to the White House, the Chinese company collects all types of information from its 600 million users. 100 million of these are in the United States. The Trump administration fears that China may snatch information from these customers and use it for nefarious purposes.

However, Beijing has always denied allegations of US theft by Chinese companies. The reason for the US sanctions, they say, is not commercial; Rather it is political.

ByteDance founder Zhang Emin has also been criticized for selling part of his business to an American company. In a letter to the company’s Chinese employees, he said that there was no other way to keep the tick business in the United States. Source: BBC

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