A boat carrying people from Turkey capsized in the Aegean Sea. A six-year-old child died. 24 of the migrants were landed with the help of the Coast Guard.

A six-year-old child drowned when a boat carrying migrants crashed off the Greek island of Samos, a spokesman for the coast guard said. The crews of two Greek Coast Guard boats were able to save 17 people from the floods. Another seven people could swim to the coast of Samos on their own. The accident happened on Sunday. On the boat were migrants who had left the Turkish Aegean coast to come to Samos and therefore to the EU, the spokesman continued.

Strong decrease in migration

The number of people crossing from Turkey to the Greek islands in the east of the Aegean Sea has decreased significantly this year. According to the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR), since the beginning of the year on November 1, 9,247 migrants from Turkey had arrived on the Greek islands in the East Aegean Sea. In the same period last year, 52,553 migrants had crossed.

Security experts in Athens attribute the sharp decline in the influx of migrants to tighter control of the Greek maritime borders with Turkey by the Greek Coast Guard, as well as to the corona pandemic and related movement restrictions in Turkey.

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