Migrants cannot be brought to the mainland

The refugees from Moria are homeless after the great fire, but the Greek asylum officer Logothetis advises against taking the people to the mainland. He gives a specific reason for this.

The Greek government will not bring homeless migrants from Lesvos to the mainland. “Otherwise, Moria’s ‘tactics’ would soon be followed by other shelters on the islands of Chios, Samos, Leros and Kos,” the asylum officer from the Ministry of Migration, Manos Logothetis, told Greek daily Kathimerini (Monday). Instead, people should seek shelter in makeshift tent camps as soon as possible until a new shelter is built.

“Anything else would mean wiping out all previous attempts to limit the flow of refugees and relieve the islands,” Logothetis said. “Do it like in Moria” could become the new slogan of the camps. Therefore it is impossible to remove a large part of the people from the island.

In recent months, Athens has repeatedly made exceptions for particularly vulnerable migrants and families, not least to relieve the overcrowded camp.

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