US Vice Presidential candidates Mike Pence and Kamala Harris participated in the electoral debate. They met in Salt Lake City, Utah on Wednesday at local time. During this time they attacked each other on issues such as coronovirus and racism. In addition, issues like American economy, foreign policy, law and order, immigration, health care, education, appointment of judges in the Supreme Court were debated for one and a half hours.

Both candidates put forth their plans and programs in face-to-face debate. Trump’s running mate and current vice president Mike Pence highlighted the success of the Trump administration. On the other hand, Kamala Harris, the Democratic Party’s vice-presidential candidate, highlighted the government’s failures.

Orange Harris said that the failure to control the Corona epidemic was the biggest failure of the Trump administration. However, Mike Pence claims that if the Trump administration had not taken immediate action to control Corona, it would have taken a more formidable appearance in the United States.

According to world meters, the United States has the highest number of coronovirus infections and deaths to date. The total number of victims is 6 lakh 8 thousand 224. Two lakh 17 thousand 84 people have died. However, Mike Pence claims that the number could have been higher if the Trump administration had not taken appropriate action.

Mike Pence has promised to make the Corona vaccine available to the public before the end of 2020.

The host of the debate, USA Today journalist Susan Page, asked Vice President Mike Pence that the death toll in Corona is higher in the United States than in any other country. What is the reason that this number is many times more than the neighboring country of Canada?

Mike Pence, head of Trump’s Coronavirus Task Force in the North, said: No other president has done what he has done for the country. Even he canceled all trips with China, the world’s second largest economy.

On the other hand, Orange Harris stated that the Trump administration was aware of the horrors of Corona. But deliberately they have covered it. The situation would have been different had Biden been in power at such an important moment in the country.

The two exchanged warmly at the start of the debate, but overall it was much quieter than the presidential debate of 29 September.

Meanwhile, his rival Democrat candidate Joe Biden has refused to participate in a second debate with US President Donald Trump regarding the presence of coronaviruses in his body.

In the United States, there are three debates between candidates before the presidential election. The first debate between Trump and Biden took place on 29 September. Many are calling that debate the most chaotic debate in United States history. The second debate is scheduled on October 15. The debate is scheduled to take place in Miami in a town hall format.

President Trump himself said in a Twitter message on Tuesday that he looked forward to the debate in Miami on the evening of October 15. He hopes that the debate will be spectacular. Donald Trump will be physically present at the next debate of presidential candidates according to his campaign camp.

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, however, told reporters, “I don’t think there should be any debate between us if he (Trump) is still a coward.” Many people have become infected. This is a very serious problem. “

Last Thursday, Trump reported being infected with Corona. This situation created uncertainty about subsequent debates and his election campaign. Trump returned to the White House on Monday evening after spending three nights in a hospital without fully recovering. As a result, it was criticized.

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