The Greens have even advocated a speed limit on the motorway. Particularly explosive is that a minister from Baden-Württemberg was caught with an enormous overrun.

Environment Minister Franz Untersteller was caught by the police on Autobahn 8 at a speed of 57 kilometers per hour. The Green, whose party favors a maximum speed of 130 kilometers per hour on the highway for road safety and environmental protection reasons, was on the road with 177 items. Only 120 kilometers per hour was allowed on the section of the highway between Stuttgart and Karlsruhe, where the politician was arrested. The ministry confirmed the incident at the end of November, reported by the newspaper “Bild”.

The Green politician wanted to visit the family of his son, who lives with two children in Frankfurt. The minister told the newspaper: “Yes, it is true, I was driving too fast and was stopped”. He added: “Of course that is not a violation if you are driving above the prescribed speed as well as I am.” The desire to see his family quickly does not justify the lawn. “It just shouldn’t have happened to me,” Untersteller stressed in the newspaper “Bild”. The consequences would be a lesson to him. He was banned from driving for four weeks, two points in Flensburg and had to pay a fine of 240 euros.

FDP boss: “shameful that he was caught by all people”

The head of the FDP in the state parliament, Hans-Ulrich Rülke, said: “It was embarrassing that of all the people the Minister of the Environment was caught on the autobahn at a speed of 57 km / h.”

The alternative traffic association VCD emphasized that anyone promoting the switch to public transport as a leader must lead by example. “You have a responsibility to live what you stand for,” says VCD country manager Matthias Lieb.

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