The bigger the farm, the more money comes from Brussels: the EU essentially wants to stick to this highly controversial agricultural policy. But now resistance is forming against the latest decisions.

Federal Environment Minister Svenja Schulze (SPD) wants to act together with the other environment ministers of the European Union against the agricultural reform decided by the EU agriculture ministers. Schulze said in the ARD “Morning Magazine” that agricultural reform is not yet what is needed to advance environmental protection policies. That is why she wants to counter this together with the other environment ministers.

Schulze called the European Commission an institution to change something in agricultural reform. “It’s not working the way agriculture has now,” said the federal environment minister.

The EU agriculture ministers and the EU parliament reached their position on agricultural policy reform last week. They were in principle in favor of maintaining the current system, which is mainly based on area-dependent direct payments for agricultural holdings. More than ever, the funds will be linked to environmental requirements. Environmental groups criticized this as far from adequate.

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