Prime Minister Narendra Modi has claimed that the newly passed agricultural legislation in India has changed the attitude of investors. “Investors are now wondering why they are not in India instead of India,” he said at an event organized by the Foundation of Industry Association Assocham on Saturday. He claimed that farmers have already started taking advantage of changes in agricultural laws. This information came from the broadcast media NDTV report.

Hundreds of Indian farmers have been protesting in Delhi for 24 days to demand the repeal of the agricultural law passed in September. Although there have already been five rounds of talks between farmers and government representatives, the crisis has not been resolved. The farmers have rejected the government’s proposal to reform the law. They are demanding repeal of the law.

In a meeting on Friday, Narendra Modi called the farmers to discuss taxes. He said that he is ready to discuss all the issues. Speaking on another occasion on Saturday, Narendra Modi said that foreign investment in India had reached record levels amid the epidemic, adding that farmers are beginning to reap the benefits of changing agricultural laws.

Narendra Modi said, when there was a time in the past when investors questioned that in India (why invest in the country). Because of the reforms and its impact, the question now is why not in India? ‘

It should be noted that the Government of India recently changed the Agricultural Act to allow corporate farming and purchasing more and more crops from farmers. Corporations will also be able to tell farmers what to do with advance funds. The farmers are of the view that this will harm their interests. They would eventually become slaves to the corporation. This will benefit big companies. Within a few years, their special market in agriculture will be established.

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