Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has fixed the date of war against China and Pakistan. This is what BJP leader Dev Singh has demanded. Hindustan Times gave this news on Monday.

Uttar Pradesh BJP chief Dev Singh commented on India’s tense situation with China on the Ladakh border.

He said that the Prime Minister is thinking of a special date for the time when India would declare war against Pakistan and China, like the cancellation of the Ram Temple and Article 370.

Such comment by Swatantra Dev Singh contradicts the policy that India speaks openly. On Sunday, Union Defense Minister Rajnath Singh said that Delhi is keen to end its border dispute with China. But at the same time, he warned that no Indian would be able to take away even an inch of land.

In the video, Dev Singh also talks about the Samajwadi Party of India and the Bahujan Samaj Party. He compared the two groups to terrorists.

On Friday, the video of Swatantra Dev Singh at the house of another BJP leader Sanjay Yadav created a stir on social media.

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