Money for Taliban attacks? Donald Trump denies knowledge of payments

Russian agents are expected to pay premiums to the Taliban in Afghanistan for attacks on American soldiers. Donald Trump was informed about it months ago, according to the “New York Times”. But the US President has denied.

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According to the New York Times, Russian agents have pledged fighters for the radical Islamic Taliban bounties for lethal attacks on US soldiers stationed in Afghanistan. Government officials say US secret services believe that Taliban fighters have received money from Russian secret agents, the newspaper said.

According to this information, intelligence agencies informed U.S. President Donald Trump of these findings in March. However, this has not yet responded. According to the report, it was unclear whether the bounties accepted by the Taliban fighters were actually directly related to the murder of American soldiers. A Kremlin spokesman quoted by the New York Times said they knew nothing about the allegations.

Now the White House has rejected the press release that Trump has been notified of intelligence findings. “Neither the President nor the Vice President have been made aware of the alleged Russian intelligence charges,” a spokeswoman said in Washington on Saturday. Russia spoke of “unfounded charges” and the Taliban also rejected the New York Times report.

Support for the Taliban? Moscow’s motives are unclear

According to the report, several theories are circulating about why Russia should support the Taliban attacks. One theory says that Russia wants to get revenge for the killing of Russian mercenaries in Syria by American soldiers. During the war in Syria, Moscow sided with ruler Bashar al-Assad. Others suspected a Russian interest in keeping the United States in the deadlock conflict in Afghanistan for a long time.

Trump has announced several times that he plans to end the protracted military operation in the country. In February, the United States and the Taliban agreed on an agreement that would regulate the gradual withdrawal of the US military. A condition for the withdrawal is a reduction in violence in Afghanistan.

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