Former Bolivian President Ivo Morales has no place in the new government. The country’s newly elected President Luiz Ars has made such remarks. In this election, Luiz Ars was unofficially elected on the ticket to Morales’ party movement for the Socialism Party. However, he clarified his position on the predecessor before announcing the official results.

Ivo Morales, the ex-president deported in Argentina, is currently the leader of the movement for the Socialist Party. However, Luiz Ars Saf has stated that Morales will be limited to the team’s responsibilities.

“Our government (Morales) has no role,” Luis Aers said at party headquarters.

Luiz Ars said that Morels could return to the country if he wanted. Because he is a Bolivian. But since the government is my result that will or will not be in administration; That decision is also mine.

Although Luiz Arsenal’s victory in Sunday’s election is clear, an official announcement of the results is still in process.

One year after being ousted from power by this election, the leftists of the country are going to form government with the people again. “I am returning to Bolivia today or tomorrow,” Ivo Morales said at a press conference in Buenos Aires after the private results were announced. There is no debate about this. it’s just a matter of time. “

Violent protests erupted in Bolivia following allegations of irregularities in the October 2019 presidential election. Once upon a time, a leftist leader and the country’s first indigenous president, Ivo Morales, was forced to be deported under military pressure. Conservative Senator Jenin Anise later took over as interim president. However, Morales supporters called the process a coup.

Ivo Morales was banned from this election. His party’s candidate Luiz Aers is set to become the country’s next president. Luiz Aers, 56, served as finance minister in the cabinet of his predecessor, Ivo Morales. As minister, he oversees the nationalization of Bolivia’s mining, gas and telecommunications industries. He also helped launch a bank called Bank of the South to fund infrastructure and social development projects in the region. 56-year-old Lewis Arch spent two months abroad after Morels resigned.

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