More than 100 Republicans join against the president

Opposition to Donald Trump is growing in the Republican Party. More and more former and current representatives want to prevent his re-election. They are behind a new campaign.

According to Reuters news agency, more and more Republicans are turning away from US President Donald Trump. About 100 current and former top representatives of the ruling party and independent politicians want to launch a joint large-scale campaign on Thursday and openly call for the election of Trump’s Democratic challenger Joe Biden in November.

The group is called “Republicans and Independents for Biden”. She wants to start with a website where she explains that “Donald Trump’s daily attacks on the foundations of our nation” pose an “existential threat to the future of the republic.” Campaign appearances, recruiting and opinion contributions in local and national media are also planned in favor of Biden.

Focus on the “Battleground States”

The group focuses primarily on the states where the election results are likely to be particularly tight, as well as suburban women and voters who don’t like Trump but are still reluctant to back Biden.

The group is funded by the Lincoln Project, which was also launched by prominent Republicans with the goal of preventing Trump from being reelected. By the end of June, the project had raised nearly $ 20 million in donations. Other anti-Trump groups have also emerged from the ranks of Republicans, such as the “43 Alumni for Biden,” including hundreds of former employees of 43rd US President George W. Bush, a Republican.

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Christine Todd Whitman is the director of the Republicans and Independents for Biden. The ex-New Jersey governor and former head of the Federal Environmental Protection Agency under Bush is one of Trump’s fiercest internal party opponents.

“Biden is a decent man”

She accuses him of betraying conservative values ​​by undermining the rule of law and national security, lying, digging a rift between black and white Americans, and not fighting the coronavirus. “Biden is a decent man, he’s a reliable man,” Whitman told Reuters. “Trump is trying to portray Joe Biden’s world as anathema – but that’s Trump’s America now.”

How influential Whitman’s group will be, however, remains to be seen. According to polls, Trump still has nearly 90 percent approval among the Republican base. Trump’s campaign staff spokesman Tim Murtaugh also points out. The president enjoys unprecedented support from “real Republican voters”. Joe Biden was a failure in the Washington swamp for half a century. No one should be surprised if swamp creatures band together to defend one of them. ‘

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