Amid tensions, supporters of Trump’s Republican Party in the state of Nevada have accused more than 3,000 people of rigging votes. This information has been known from a report by The Hill.

Hill reported that the Nevada Republican Party sent a recommendation to US Attorney General William Brar, citing “at least 3,072 cases of electoral fraud.”

Nevada still has the ballot count, with the latest results showing Joe Biden ahead of Donald Trump by just 11,400 votes. So far 69% ballots have been counted in the state. A tweet from the party alleged that those who voted after leaving the state were involved in the fraud.

Democrat candidate Joe Biden received 274 electoral votes, according to AP and Fox News. As soon as Nevada gets 7 electoral votes, Biden will touch the ‘magic figure’ of 260 electoral votes.

Meanwhile, results have not yet been announced in Pennsylvania, Nevada, North Carolina, Georgia and Alaska. According to other surveys, including CNN, Biden has 253 electoral votes. AP and Fox News forecast that Biden will win in Arizona, but according to the latest news, there are still millions of votes to count. Doubts are being raised as to whether Biden will ever win this state with 11 electoral votes. However, AP is confident about his forecast.

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