More than half a billion European cup discount for broadcasters

Nyon (dpa) – The consequences of the coronavirus pandemic have cost European football more than half a billion euros in television broadcast money from the European Cup.

The European Football Association UEFA will repay 575 million euros to broadcasters because of the interruption of the Champions League and Europa League, says Andrea Agnelli, president of the European Club Association ECA. “That’s all the money that will not be distributed,” stressed the club boss of Juventus Turin in his address to 250 members of the General Assembly of the ECA. Initially it was unclear whether the rebates for rightholders came from the income of the clubs or that of UEFA.

Agnelli predicted further significant financial consequences for European clubs as a result of the pandemic. For this reason, considerations on how and whether to reform the Champions League according to the current cycle until 2024 should be postponed until after the upcoming season. UEFA president Aleksander Ceferin recently stated that he could envision a permanent introduction of final tournaments. “We should not analyze the situation until later,” said Agnelli. Until June 2021, you can only work with short-term goals.

Previously, the ECA assumed that revenues would fall by four billion euros by the end of the 2020/2021 season. All clubs have the problem of having to play in front of almost empty spectators, the ECA boss said. “It is not just the atmosphere that the sport creates, but the complete loss of a very important source of income for everyone.”

Agnelli also expects money from sponsorship deals such as jersey advertising to decline. “We cannot deliver on what we have promised,” said the 44-year-old Italian. “I’m pretty sure we’ll see discounts.” Agnelli expected the transfer market to collapse between 20 and 30 percent. Medium and small clubs are particularly affected. “Top players will not lose their value,” said Agnelli.

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