The police in Vienna are dealing with a strange case: a 45-year-old is said to have been in a cellar for several months – by his own mother. When the paramedics found the man, his life was in danger.

According to his own statement, a 45-year-old man in Vienna has been held captive by his mother in the basement of her parents’ home since April. According to information from Thursday, police are investigating the initial suspicion of imprisonment. Objective findings are not yet available, says a police spokesperson. The 77-year-old mother and other possible witnesses would now be questioned.

The mother had warned the ambulance on Wednesday about the threatening health of her son. The paramedics, in turn, called the police about the “sanitary situation” on the spot. The seriously ill then told on the way to the clinic that his mother had locked him in a basement room. According to the police, his life was in danger at first, but after that his condition stabilized somewhat. The authorities expect the results of the investigation on Friday.

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