Murder team investigates the case of the five children who died

Five children died, one survived. The suspect: the 27-year-old mother. The crime in Solingen has shocked many people. How did that happen, what was the motive? Many questions are still open.

After the crime in Solingen, the focus is on the investigation. On Friday, the detectives want to interview neighbors during a press conference and inform them about the background of the case.

A mother is said to have killed five of her children. Police discovered the bodies of the five siblings in an apartment on Thursday, a police spokeswoman confirmed to Chillreport. The 27-year-old mother is said to have thrown herself in front of a train at the central station in Düsseldorf and is now seriously injured in hospital. The oldest son (11) who is doing well was with her. The grandmother had alerted the police via an emergency call after contacting her daughter. The police did not provide any further information until the morning.

A murder commission is investigating. The cause of death of the children will be clarified as part of the investigation and an autopsy, police said.

Mother jumped on the track

The crime scene is in the Hasseldelle district of Solingen. The bodies were discovered in an apartment in an apartment building. The children’s grandmother, who lives in Mönchengladbach, warned the police shortly before 2 p.m. Shortly before that, she had contact with her daughter. In the afternoon there were numerous police officers and ambulances in front of the house. 40 officers were on duty.

The dead children are three girls, one and a half, two and three years old, and two boys, six and eight years old. The police initially did not provide any information about the cause of death.

A forensic technician enters a residential building: there are numerous emergency services in the residential building in Solingen, where five dead children were discovered. (Source: Berg / dpa)

However, she assumes a crime: “We assume a crime and will have to question the mother about it, but at the moment she cannot be questioned yet”, said police spokesman Stefan Weiand in Solingen. “We don’t know yet what exactly happened, when and why, just that it’s a very tragic situation.”

Lord Mayor was startled

The eleven-year-old son who survived is now “in the safe family environment”. Police said they could contact the father, but investigators did not comment on him for now.

After the crime, the mother drove the eleven-year-old to Düsseldorf, where she threw herself in front of an S-Bahn line 1 at 13:47 in the central station. According to a spokesperson for the fire service, she was salvaged between two job beds and taken to a hospital injured. After his mother’s suicide attempt, the boy drove to Mönchengladbach to see his grandmother.

On Thursday evening, many people gathered in front of the apartment building where researchers were still there. Neighbors put on candles, flowers and a hug as a sign of mourning. The bodies of the children were removed around midnight.

The forensic department was on site until the evening. The bodies had not yet been removed. Mayor Tim Kurzbach (SPD) of Solingen was visibly shocked after a visit to the crime scene. “Today is a day when we are very sad in Solingen because something has happened that touched our hearts,” Kurzbach told journalists on the spot. In the evening, Kurzbach and other politicians from different parties appeared in silence for a minute of mourning.

Interior Minister Herbert Reul (CDU) was also shocked: “The family drama in Solingen fills me with great sadness and at the moment I am with my thoughts and my prayer with five small children who were taken out of life so terribly early. . “

Expert: Warning signs may not be recognized

According to crime expert Axel Petermann, the case points to the mother’s helplessness and lack of perspective. Potential warning signs of the act may also not have been recognized in time due to the coronavirus pandemic, Petermann said. For example, it is conceivable that if school classes and childcare were to be discontinued, mechanisms that would otherwise have enabled help or support might fail.

Solingen is located in the Bergische Land, about 25 kilometers from Düsseldorf. Markus Röhrl, the chairman of the Wuppertal police force responsible for Solingen, told the dpa news agency: “That’s a shocking dimension.” As far as he knew “something like this has never happened to us in the Bergisch region”.

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